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Eclectic Contemporary Art

Master Artist

Roshanda D. Prior, (1967- present) an eclectic contemporary artist, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. She was born and raised in Waco, Texas. Prior is the proud wife of Anthony D. Prior (deceased 2016) who passed away from combat-related conditions. She is the mother of three loving sons. She currently resides in Texas. Mrs. Prior has a degree in Business Administration(UOP), Bachelor of Fine Arts(UMHB), and a Master of Arts in Art(NSLU). Mrs. Prior is a member of the Alpha Chi Honor Society.  Mrs. Prior's love for life, nature, different cultures, and God via her art has inspired viewers.  She states because of exploring oneself of mind, body, spirit, and soul, she has been able to challenge her creativity by combining unusual color palettes, lines, movement, and a variety of texture within her MASTERPIECE artworks.  


Artist Statement

 My eclectic contemporary style and creative expression capture layers of color, line, movement, and different textures.  I am interested in creating mixed media distinctive art by collaborating found objects, metallic paints, different mediums, wood, metal, glass, and textiles.   I have concluded the definition of the universe is one word…. LIFE.  Everything created must form, transition, and fulfill its purpose.  To create as a result of what, when, where, and why is the question.  Life is a transition through a process of ever-changing layers and fulfillment which only reveals itself when lived. Different art elements are repeated throughout each piece that is symbolic and meaningful regarding life transitions, the process, and the purpose of life.  The entities of life are all beings and systems within the universe. What is life?  Life is the creator.  Without the CREATOR, there is no life.  The artwork is an entity created by the Creator who created me.

 The message "You are not the original creator of anything, only the passage way."  Roshanda Prior


Roshanda D. Prior is the owner of the Protocol for Design LLC. Prior's vision is to create the world's leading company specializing in museum quality fine-art and distinctive décor for residential and commercial settings.

Protocol for Design LLC's mission is to inspire, encourage, and invest in humanity worldwide. By providing the BEST selection of museum-quality original fine art, limited edition reproductions, and distinctive decor for residential and commercial settings, we are able to accomplish this mission for all art lovers, and fine art collectors. Our products are available EXCLUSIVELY online. 



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Mrs. Prior's life goal is passion-driven but most of all purpose-driven. Prior states the artwork is created to inspire, encourage, and empower humanity. I can achieve this goal by donating a percentage of sales to various charities, ministries, educational programs, and scholarships. I do not believe in a handout but a hand up. As a humanitarian, Prior believe this method will improve communities on a local, national, and worldwide platform resulting in POSITIVE GROWTH, economics, and development for all humanity. 


World Traveler

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