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NO ONE should ever feel defeated, lost, or hopeless. I experienced the trauma of my mother passing while in high school, an illness that resulted in chronic pain and fatigue daily, divorcee, a single parent of three sons, widow of a combat veteran only 44 yrs young, rear-ended on the highway with a concussion, neck and back injury, grief, marriage,  pain counseling, and the list continues. I felt mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually decapitated. TODAY, I am highly favored, healed, healthy, blessed, prosperous, three degrees, successful business owner of Protocol for Design Llc. and living my best life inside and out. I learned how to repurpose the pain of life challenges and turn them into JOY and SUCCESS.

STOP denying yourself to what is rightfully your birthright of favor, healing, blessings, prosperity, and peace. You don't have to be a victim or survivor, YOU are a CONQUEROR!

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